Explorer 2 shipping now 

Released on: 10/28/16 10:48 AM

Hollis is proud to announce the much anticipated release of the Explorer Rebreather’s Version 2 Electronics System. Now shipping on all new Explorer’s and available to all Explorer Version 1 divers with a special discounted trade-in option available. Full details here.

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100LX/DC3 – ScubaLab's 2016 Best Buy

Released on: 7/14/16 5:32 PM

100LX/DC3 Best Buy“With its lustrous chrome finish, braided hose and sleek design details, the 100LX looks like a more expensive reg than it is. It dives the same way, earning top scores in its category for ease of breathing..." Read the full review here. 


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Searching For Answers (September 2015)

Released on: 8/25/15 10:40 AM

SearchingQuick Quiz for Hollis Rebreather divers: Can I use Listerine as an alternative sanitizer for my rebreather loop?

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Buoyancy Tip

Released on: 8/25/15 10:38 AM

Buoyancy_SiltAre your feet feeling heavy and creating silt when you kick? Here are some tips to improve your trim:

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Traveling on Airlines with a Rebreather

Released on: 8/25/15 10:37 AM

Traveling on Airlines with a RebreatherTraveling with scuba equipment can become difficult, especially for rebreather divers. However there are a few things you can do to make traveling with a rebreather much easier:

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Preparing for Your Rebreather Class

Released on: 8/25/15 10:34 AM

PreparingMany divers ask about how to prepare for their upcoming rebreather class. If you purchased a new rebreather, it is likely that the manufacturer has shipped your rig to your instructor and you haven’t even had a chance to get acquainted with it. Contact your instructor to ensure that you have all the auxiliary gear necessary to complete your class. This might include things like a bailout tank and regulator or DSMB with reel.

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FFMUsed by United States Marines Combat Divers and Military Dive Teams around the world, as well as Professional Underwater Videography Teams and Scientific Dive Teams, the Kirby Morgan Modular Full-Face Mask represents a giant step-up in safety, versatility and convenience over conventional Full-Face Masks (FFMs).

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Searching For Answers (August 2015)

Released on: 6/26/15 1:21 PM

SearchingQuick Quiz for Hollis Rebreather divers: Can you use nitrox in your diluent tank?

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To BOV or Not to BOV

Released on: 6/26/15 12:59 PM

BOVBOVs can be handy devices, allowing you to leave the DSV in your mouth if you need to switch to open circuit. They are essential on recreational rebreathers. For technical rebreather divers, keep the following points in mind:

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Selecting the Right Rebreather

Released on: 6/26/15 12:42 PM

Selecting the Right RebreathrWhen you ask someone, “What is the best rebreather?” they will undoubtedly describe the one they own. Divers develop a strong attachment to their significant investment and are unlikely to point out any failings in their chosen equipment.

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