The Hollis LX family of regulators (100, 150 & 200) continue to earn praise from divers and trusted industry leaders. The 100LX/DC3 was recently featured in the upcoming August issue of Scuba Diving and was awarded the ScubaLab 2016 Best Buy for regulators. Check out or grab the next issue to get all the details. Read the full review below. 

 100LX/DC3 Best Buy 

From the August 2016 issue of Scuba Diver – 

“With its lustrous chrome finish, braided hose and sleek design details, the 100LX looks like a more expensive reg than it is. It dives the same way, earning top scores in its category for ease of breathing in swim position. Divers praised the reg’s soft, predictable purge and scored the second stage very good for comfort. One of the few signs of cost-consciousness was the single HP port (there are four LP ports), but divers still rated the arrangement very good for setup. Like most regs in the category, there’s no breathing adjustment, but the 100LX didn’t seem to need one; it flowed air with just a hint of inhalation, although some divers found it a little too eager, as though on the edge of free-flow. But with the Venturi switch — easy to grasp and smooth to operate — in predive it was hard to make it free-flow at the surface, even intentionally. With impressive performance and attention to detail at an attractive price, the 100LX is our Best Buy.”