Hollis is proud to announce the much anticipated release of the Explorer Rebreather’s Version 2 Electronics System. Now shipping on all new Explorer’s and available to all Explorer Version 1 divers with a special discounted trade in option available. 

With a commitment to dependability our engineering and production divisions have been working vigorously over the last 18 months on this extensive update, incorporating a multitude of changes and new features:  

• New 18650 batteries will increase run-time by x2 and standby time by x4

• The head assembly is now fully serviceable, equipped with a dry battery and PCB housing compartment with replaceable batteries and oxygen sensor plugs

• The charge port has been transformed to standard USB protocols with a 100% waterproof design (no more opticon cap)

• The Sensor Module has been integrated with the LSS eliminating any possibility of lost comms between the two PCBs during data transfer

• Rugged black anodized aluminum handset with 100% hardwired cable connection to the head assembly removes all possible cable connection failure points  

• 3 pronged gold plated oxygen sensor connectors improve oxygen cell linking and millivolt data transfer to the head assembly

• Modular and user removable Sensor Module Thermal Rod for easy transport and service 

To have your electronics upgraded you will need to contact a Factory Service Center or Hollis directly at (510) 562-0500 ext 432 in order to obtain a return authorization number and arrange for the electronics to be sent in for assessment. Once the electronics have been examined we will let you know what options are available. 

To learn more about the Hollis Explorer and available upgrade packages and trade in program contact your Hollis Rebreather Dealer.