Dual Algorithm Technology

The F2 patented design features make it ideal for all levels of divers.

It has four main design details that separate it from all other fins: blade size, side wings, gills and scoop.

The shorter blade design is reef-friendly and travels easy. It also improves agility and mobility in tight areas. This also makes it excellent for both beach and boat entries and exits. The small size fin comes in an overall length of about 19” with the medium-large and extra large coming in at about 19.75” and with an overall weight of 1.5 to 1.7 pounds depending on size.


The are designed to add blade surface on the down stroke and reduce resistance on the upstroke. They also improve blade stabilization. This patented design provides increased efficiency for varying styles of kicks. It has been proven to efficiently perform different styles of kicks such as the scissor, flutter, dolphin, forward frog kicks, reverse frog kicks, and bent-leg frog kicks. All with minimum to no silt stir up.

The gills work together with the scoop on the top of the fin to form our patented dual water channeling system. This system delivers more thrust with less effort.

The scoop expands and contracts during the kick cycles to create a pump action and channels and focuses the thrust off of the blade tip at the same time.

This channeling system also works to stabilize the fin blade so you get the full potential from the blade and there is no wobbling or slicing of the fin blade in the water during the kick cycle. The foot pocket is designed for maximum comfort and energy transfer to the blade. With this dual water channeling system and the right amount of blade flexibility, this improved system saves energy and ultimately air, which helps to extend your bottom time.